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Today is the launch of the second Sex and the City movie, following the massive wedding of the first one. And rumours abound about another wedding this time round, though maybe not for Samantha, despite all the decoy scenes filmed to fool the press.

If you have been inspired by movie weddings in the Big Apple, then you can make that come true with a destination wedding. The Bridal Consultant specialise in weddings overseas, especially the Manhattan wedding. They tailor make your day, but also offer specific themes.

The Sex and the City wedding starts with the limosine picking you up from the hotel, the lakeside wedding in Central Park followed by a 2 hour drive around New York taking in all the sights including Chalottes SoHo gallery, Carries favourite cupcake bar, and other scenes from the movie. The package includes the finishing touches such as a beautiful bouquet and matching Grooms buttonhole, and of course the photographer. (Photographs left: Jennifer Davis Photography)

Maybe you could follow the day with a honeymoon in Morocco…just probably not with the girls…

The Bridal Consultant offers the ultimate tailored experience for exclusive destination weddings. Other New York weddings range from themes such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, 50’s inspired weddings to more traditional ceremonies – anything is possible in the cosmopolitan city that never sleeps!

Head down to a cinema near you to find out what happens to Carrie & co after the wedding…


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When prioritising what you want to spend your money on for your wedding, little extras such as favours make a nice touch, but can often be just done for the sake of it, spending money on something with little thought. So here are some ideas for thoughful and personal gifts that cost less than £1 per guest:

Sew little fabric bags for each person for them to fill up at a candy bar during the reception (use left over fabric that has been sitting at your mum’s house since you were 5). Sew the persons name onto the bag, or add a luggage tag, and it can double up as a place card. Borrow storage jars of different sizes from friends, or search for them on freecycle, then visit the local cash & carry to fill them with different types of sweets – it makes a really colourful display. (Image above via Amy Atlas Events, NYC)
Time per favour: 15mins
Cost per favour: 5p for fabric, 2p for luggage label, 50p for sweets

Is your mother-in-law-to-be green fingered? Ask her to plant bulbs in little pots for each guest. A couple of narcissus bulbs would be perfect. The plant-tag with care instructions sticking in the soil can double as a name card. You will probably need a roll of sandwich bags available for guests to carry it home without spilling soil everywhere…
When the plant flowers later in the year (and every year after that) they will remember you both and your fabulous day.
Time per favour: 15mins
Cost per favour: 50p for mini plant-pot, 30p for bulbs, 5p for label

Home-made with love: For domestic goddesses, consider a homemade favour. If the thought of a weekend in the kitchen sounds like bliss, then why not make a batch of fruit jam for your wedding guests? Buy mini jam jars from www.freemanharding.co.uk, and add a handwritten label. (Or if you are uber organised, ask friends to collect up all their glass jars for the months before the wedding)
Time per favour: 15mins
Cost per favour: 5op for fruit, 2op for jar tops, 5p for labels

Give a charity donation of  £1 on behalf of every person – print them each a little card telling them which charity. If you have time you could make it one that is specific to them, or theme it around each table. Again, the little card can double up as a name placecard (see a theme developing here?)
Cost per favour: £1

Seed cards – a little book of 10 plantable forget me not seeds – 10 books for £9.99 – from Confetti.co.uk. Or you can get personalised ones – 50 for £39.99 – so if you know you have 100 guests it actually saves you money. If you have 90 guests, or 130, then the extras you could send to relatives or friends who couldn’t make it on the day along with their thank you card. They will feel so loved and appreciate the thought…much easier than sending cake to put under their pillow!
Cost per favour: Max 99p

Mini paper bags and cones are so easy to make – save £’s by making them rather than paying £1 each for fancy boxes and then having to pay on top for the contents… fill them with sweets, confetti, rose petals, chocolate, love hearts… you are only limited by your imagination.
To make a mini paper bag, get a book about the same size as the bag you want, wrap the paper (colourful, or in your theme colours) around the book as if wrapping a present, but leave one end open. Ta Da! Tape a little string/ribbon handle on the inside if required.
Time per bag: 5 mins (max!)
Cost per favour: 2p for paper, 5-10p for handle, 50 for contents…

Try to make the favour personal to you as a couple, or to fit with the theme of the day to make guests remember it, and to show them your appreciation for their presence (and presents!)

What other ideas have you come up with? Or which will you be doing? Leave us a comment below…

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Hold back the tears on your wedding day as more than just streaking mascara could be at stake if you are wearing a new conceptual dress designed by sudents of Sheffield Hallam University.

Don’t worry about the rain (which brides usually do due to our unpredictable British weather) as the dress doesn’t dissolve completely, but morphs into new outfits.

Fashion and engineering students have formed an unlikely marriage, coming up with elaborate designs for a wedding dress that could be dissolved after the wedding to transform it into five new fashion pieces. The parts of the dress are made from polyvinyl alcohol, an odorless nontoxic polymer that breaks down in water without harming the environment. The image above shows the dress during it’s five stages of the transformation, currently on show at the University gallery.

Jane Blohm, a lecturer on the fashion design course at Sheffield Hallam, said: “The students wanted to challenge the notion that a wedding dress should only be used once and aimed to explore modern society’s attitudes towards throwaway fashion.

“The project is a union between art and technology which explores the possibilities of using alternative materials for our clothing. The wedding gown is perhaps one of the most iconic and symbolic garments in humanity’s wardrobe and represents the challenges of ‘throwaway fashion’.

“In order to reduce fashion’s impact on the environment, the fashion industry must begin to challenge conventional attitudes and practices. The exhibition demonstrates what could be possible when design and scientific innovation combine forces.”

The issue the students were exploring stemmed from recent developments in the textile industry. As the price of clothing in the UK has dropped by up to 25 per cent with the rise of ‘value retailers’, the amount of clothes we buy has increased by almost 40 per cent to more than two million tonnes a year. As a result, textiles have become the fastest-growing waste product in the UK. About 74 per cent of those two million tonnes of clothes we buy each year end up in landfills. Listen to Gok Wan ladies – ‘buy less, wear more’ – and if you fancy a change of wardrobe, get together with your mates and have a big swishing party…

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To celebrate World Fair Trade Day on the 8th May CRED Jewellery is offering 20% off their silver collections and 10% off their 18ct Fair Trade Gold collections including the Eden Engagement and Wedding rings collection.

CRED Jewellery are passionate about creating beautiful jewellery. They believe that true beauty encompasses a responsibility to both people ahgkjgjkfnd planet.

To redeem your discount simply mention the World Fair Trade Day offer when placing an order on the phone or visit http://www.credjewellery.com, when you place an order you will receive an email confirmation with the reduction.

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