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Chocolate Wedding Ideas

Not that we need an excuse to indulge in or talk about chocolate, but we thought in aid of Chocolate Week (11th-18th October) we would fire out some chocolatey wedding ideas to add into your celebrations.

Beautiful Chocolate
Starting well before the wedding, why not indulge your skin with a natural chocolate facial that you can easily make yourself, and you can sneak a lick out of the corner of your mouth. Here are some easy chocolate beauty recipes – let us know what you think.

Chocolate Making Hen Party
All over the UK are specialist chocolatiers who love to share their craft with budding artisans/chocoholics – a great excuse to grab the girls and either have a chocolate & wine tasting evening, or try your hand at designing and making your own chocolates – I’m sure anyone can beat the horrific creations of last season’s Apprentice finalists Kate & Yasmina!!
Find your local Chocolate Shop here. My local chocolatiere is Le Melange in South East London which apparently offers the best hot chocolate in the city according to Time Out.

Chocolate wedding cake
Fruit cake may be the traditional wedding cake choice, but to be honest, are you really going to keep the top tier until the birth of your first child? No? Well, then you don’t need a cake that will last years in storage – indulge yourself and go for a chcolate cake that can be decorated how you like. There are some great unusual recipe’s out there for Beetroot & chocolate cake, or even Courgette chocolate cake (a firm favourite in my family).

Alternatively you could have a display of tiers of Red Velvet chocolate cupcakes (Image left via Plain Dealer) with creamy icing, or even skip the cake completely and have a chocolate fountain – just be careful not to get it all down your dress…

Chocolate favours
There are a wealth of suppliers who will offer options for your chocolate wedding favours, but maybe simple is best – a bar of Divine fairtrade chocolate tied with a ribbon and name tag to double as place settings at the table, or a scattering of foil wrapped Divine chocolate hearts…

To find out more about National Chocolate Week, visit www.chocolate-week.co.uk.

If you are looking for a supplier for a chocolatey wedding treat, then visit the Chocolate Unwrapped event this weekend (16th & 17th Oct) at Vinopolis in London to see a whole host of suppliers and artisans under one roof – tastings galore!! Tickets are £7.50 in advance.


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If you are just about to order your wedding rings for your 2011 wedding, hang on…

It has been amazing over the last decade to see the increase in the varieties and quantities of consumer products that carry the Fairtrade mark – an instantly recognisable symbol that assures the buyer of the ethical standards of production for that item.

It is very exciting to hear that the first Fairtrade standard for gold is being launched on Valentines Day 2011 – a perfect day for a material that is usually the basis for wedding and engagement rings, and so that symbol of love will have additional meaning including the care for the producters and miners of the gold.

Over the last month at jewellery events across the country, retailers and designers have been introduced to the standards and the ethical issues behind gold have been debated, gearing the industry up for a massive change, demanded by consumer concern. As is usually the case, it will be smaller retailers and independednt designer/makers that will introduce Fairtrade gold ranges first, with large chains following when they see how well it is working for the little guys.

If you are planning you wedding for 2011 it is worth holding fire on having your rings made until the new Fairtrade gold standard is launched, so you will have the peace of  mind of the background of your ring with the tiny fairtrade symbol stamped in the inside (or outside if you prefer…). Ask at your local jewellers to show demand is there and get them engaged in the issues.

However, if you are getting married before Spring 2011 and you want the same peace of mind, then visit CRED Jewellery, as the standards their gold is mined and produced to formed the basis of the standard that will soon bear the Fairtrade mark. The founders of CRED have been developing this standard with their partners since they began 14 years ago and so are the most experienced in the field – just ask them anything you want to know about fairtrade gold

Read more about the new Fairtrade gold standard on Retail Jeweller

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Style by chance

Charity shops and flea markets – full of tat, or an opportunity to nab yourself a unique wedding dress?

The budget is always the first thing set when planning a wedding and the glossy magazines will suggest you set aside at least 10% of that for outfits. So if you were hoping for the perfect vintage wedding gown on a minimal wedding budget, then how do you go about it?

Can you believe the gorgeous 1940’s style dress worn by this stunning bride came from her local Barnado’s charity shop and had been donated new:

All the dress needed was a few vintage acessories, including a fur shrug, fascinator and pearls, to complete the look. The photographer, Danielle, came across the wedding by chance when she was at a local beer festival, and gave the couple a suprise wedidng present of wedding photographs to remember as they had not booked an official photographer for the day – it seems the bride really had luck on her side for her big day! Head over to the LoveMyDress blog to see all the photo’s and hear about the romanticstory behind the 1940’s Railway Station theme.

I would encourage you to delve deep into any charity shop, vintage store or fayre you come across on the chance that you may come across a unique beauty for a snip of the price of a new gown… and let us know below what you found and your advice for other price-savvy brides-to-be.

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