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During the awards season 2010 we watched with interest as Livia Firth undertook the Green Carpet Challenge, dressing in ethical, eco or upcycled attire as she accompanied husband Colin Firth to each ceremony as he was nominated for Best Actor for his role on A Single Man.

This season she is at it again as Colin is nominated for his role in the newly released The Kings Speech. She will be blogging throughout the season on Vogue.com and not only revealing the final outfits, but also her decisions along the way, with visits to & interviews with various sustainable fashion designers for you to look out for.

Livia kicked off the challenge at the Paris premiere of the film, wearing an old suit of Colins that had been remastered by tailoring & refashioning experts Junky Styling. She was glad she did not see the work in progress as even though the original suit was badly moth eaten it would have been upsetting to see it be cut-up. Luckily the final outcome was worth it!

One of Livia’s green-carpet winners from the 2010 season was an upcycled wedding gown. She said she had never received so many compliments in one night. So don’t think that your wedding dress will only ever get one outing as there may be occasions for it to come out again – just not on a friends big day!

All we can say is that we hope Colin continues to be a sucess so we can get green fashion on the red carpet year on year, and encourage other A-listers to see the beauty that is not only fabric deep!


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Charity shops may not have been at the forefront of your mind when deciding where to get some new lingerie, but Mary Portas’ Living & Giving shops in London will be distributers of certain lines of luxury designer underwear Rigby & Peller.

At exclusive evening events on Thursday 10th February at the Westborne Grove and Primrose Hill Living & Giving stores, Rigby & Peller will be donating designer samples and end-of-line pieces to the stores to be sold to raise funds for Save the Children. Also available are one-off made-to-meaure items as well as pieces worn by A-list celebrities at photoshoots around the world.

Mary Portas came up with the initial concept for the Living & Giving stores during her TV series reinventing the charity shop to encourage people who hadn’t previously to donate clothes they have become bored with rather than throw them out, giving them a new lease of life, including designer lables and high end goods. The concept has gone from strength to strength with a pop-up store at Westfields London last year and two boutiques opening in fashionable West London districts and another in Edinburgh.

So not only can you own designer luxury lingerie, but know that the price you paid has gone stright to charity – double bonus!

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