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Shoot it yourself – well, maybe not you, but an usher or reliable friend could do it.

A little point-and-shoot camera may not be the best quality, but the people at Shoot it Yourself (as seen on Dragons Den last week) have thought of that. They rent you the quality stuff you’ll need,give you the know-how and top tips for how to shoot the wedding, and they’ll even edit it for you afterward. Hows that for a plan!

There will be no difficulty in getting your groom’s mates to volunteer once they hear about the top of the range Sony Handicams – Just don’t let them drint too much or your Nan may need to take over… It will be great having a video shot in your style, with personal touches and get away from a stuffy montage. You will be much more chilled out with your mates behing the camera that it will be a more natural feel, and makes the day, and the lasting memories better for you!

So what are the Shoot it Yourself top tips for your DIY wedding video? Well here are just 5 for starters:

  1. Don’t waste time on filming details like table decorations or flowers – the photographer will have these covered. Focus on getting fun interviews and personal messages from friends and family, these are what the bride and groom will want to remember 20 years from now.
  2. Make the most of your up close and personal access to the bride and groom; for example you can film them getting ready with their parties in the morning, complete with pre-wedding jitters! They are sure to be more relaxed with you behind the camera, so don’t worry about asking them how they’re feeling or if they have any messages for their other halves before they walk down the aisle.
  3. Have a look for examples of good videos online; there are plenty of good ideas you could organise, like group sing-a-longs, which people always love to get involved in! Weddings do involve a lot of standing around and drinking so take the opportunity to film some comedy action shots!
  4. Why not set up a video diary room at the reception for after the speeches? There are usually a few hours to kill before the First Dance and people are already feeling a bit tipsy. Put the camera on a tripod in a spare room and direct people to leave their tops tips for a successful marriage to the bride and groom.
  5. Filming is the easy part; it’s often editing the video that is people’s downfall! Look to the pros for the finishing touches that will make your video stand out. Shoot It Yourself use the latest editing software to incorporate personalised graphics, contemporary music and special effects to turn your precious day of filming into a YouTube masterpiece.

And if you want to ask guests to contribute towards the cost, add it onto your wedding gift list


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One thing to be said about the British – we have the ability to laugh at ourselves…a lot!

The discerning bride's guide

The discerning bride's guide

BBC4’s commentary on the British tradition of weddings is tongue in cheek to say the least. From the stylish opening shot of Beyond Skin-esque shoes on a bed of confetti I am not prepared for the programme I am about to watch (catch it again on i-player)

Using footage from documentaries from days gone by Mark Benton narrates a step-by-step guide to how the Brits tie the knot. With quirky observations from the stag do to the table plan, from the rings to the first dance, this is a look at how the Brits just about manage to rise to the occasion on one of the most momentous days of our lives – the wedding day.  Try not to show too much emotion…we’re British!

The coming together of big hair and big veil

The coming together of big hair and big veil

I just love all those retro video’s from my parents generation – and yes, my Dad still has his wedding flares… (this is not my parents, but a still from the programme – left)

Favourite moments:
– the hen party – rasing money for the couples new start with a ‘pay-per-kiss’ scheme in the local pub. Raucous!
– The touching ending – reminding us why we get married in the first place…and that it really isn’t about how much money you spend.

…and if you are planning a 70’s theme, there is inspiration a-plenty, from big hair to even bigger bridal head-dresses… go on, you know you want to!

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The hit US TV show ‘Get Married‘ give couples ideas and inspiration for their weddings, from Hollywood glamour to water themes and destinations.

Last night’s episode focused on the growing trend of Green weddings and you can check it out here (select Tue 5th May).

Keep your wedding eco chic by choosing aspects that create an impact with minimal effect on the environment.
– Using flowers such as hydrangeas mean you get a great display with just a small number of blooms (left)
– Use candles as a table centrepiece, which will be used after the wedding – just make sure they are soy wax, which doesn’t contain petroleum and so burns cleanly. You could collect wine bottles from a local restaurant (or collect your own if you have a long engagement) to hold dinner candles or single stem flowers.
– If you do use flowers, collect vintage vases from second hand shops or car-boot sales for a creative collection of different shaped pieces. You can give the centrepieces to guests who have helped with aspects of the day as their thank you.

– Choose flowers that are in season and locally grown to cut down on the miles they have travelled. Your florist will be able to advise you on what will work well for the season of your wedding. Remember you can create colour with foliage…
– There are some gorgeous silvers and red from leaves that can work with a minimal use of blooms – cutting your budget too.

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